Filey’s Decorative Lighting Scheme Working Party are working towards achieving a five year master plan to improve both permanent feature lighting and Christmas lighting in the town and are working in partnership with local community organisations, Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council to deliver an enhanced Decorating Lighting Scheme for Filey.

The plan is to both extend and improve upon the festive lighting, as well as to provide permanent decorative lighting features throughout Filey. This will promote evening walks around the town for both visitors and local people to enjoy.

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PDF link View Master Decorative Lighting Plan document .

What has been achieved so far?

In addition to the above festive schemes Filey Town Council provide real Christmas trees and lighting for the Scarborough Road and Station Avenue roundabouts and a real Christmas tree plus lighting in the Memorial Gardens and on the Crescent.

The Filey Decorative Lighting Scheme Group continue to improve both permanent and festive lighting in Filey but this largely depends on funding available.

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