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The town of Filey, North Yorkshire, England, entered into an accord with Calvert County, Maryland, United States of America on July 3 2004, for the purpose of sharing experiences and knowledge for mutual benefit of the two communities. In Filey, the ceremony took place in the Crescent Gardens and since then contact has been maintained with a view to furthering cultural links with the people of Calvert County.

Link click here "To view a copy of the Filey and Calvert County Accord"

With reference to Resolution No. 37 - 06, Calvert County Board of Commissioners

The accord provides the opportunity to advance public awareness in each region regarding history, heritage, ecology and facilitate the exchange of information regarding the respective localities, including community, culture, economics, education, heritage, history together with others of mutual interest.

The Calvert County Board of Commissioners gave recognition to the importance of this international relationship and on 19 September 2006, the Calvert County Board of Commissioners further confirmed this partnership on the occasion of the first official visit by Filey citizens (members of the Filey Bay Initiative) since the signing of the accord.

The original Accord was signed for Filey by Marion Wright, Town Mayor, Filey and for Calvert County by David F Hale, President, board of Commissioners, Calvert County.

In December 2006, Councillor Ken Leathley said that "This website is important because it will give people a better idea of what it is we're trying to do, and the spin-off eventually will be exchange visits and tourism" At the moment work is on-going to match up different groups in Filey with their equivalents in Calvert County. so far, links have been established by Filey School, Filey Museum and Archives, the Lions and Rotary clubs, Filey folk Group, Filey Tourism Association and the Chamber of Trade.

And so has started an agreement that has formalised the friendship and cooperation between the two communities that has stretched back since the visit to Annapolis by members of the Filey Underwater Research Unit , America and the meetings with the prestigious underwater archaeologist Donald G Shomette.

A friendship that has been borne of a thirty plus year investigation into our joint underwater heritage and encompasses a wide range of other community and educational matters.

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