Council Represntatives Council Representatives Outside Groups & Organisations

Groups and Organisations
Council Representative 2017/2018

Allotment & Garden Association (2)

President Town Mayor – Cllr R Walker


Bowling Club (2)

Meek, Shackleton

Community & Police (CAP) Group

Houlden-Banks, Casey, Meek, Thurston

Elderly Persons ‘All Day’ Club (2)

Shackleton, Bosomworth

Filey Coastal Issues Group (2)

Walker, Bosomworth

Filey Bay Initiative (3)

Bosomworth, Anthony

Filey Chamber of Trade (2)

Anthony, Casey

Festival of Filey (2)

Anthony, Houlden-Banks, Horley, Casey

Filey in Bloom (3)

Casey, Wright, Anthony

Filey Community Sports Club Ltd (Executive Board Member)


Filey Fisherman’s Charity (2)

Glanvill, Shackleton

Filey Museum (2)

Meek, Walker, Houlden-Banks

Discover Filey Development Trust (1)


Coble Landing Harbour Users Group (1)


Filey Tourism Association (2)

Casey, Horley

Scarborough South & Filey Prevention Service Anthony, Bosomworth
Yorkshire Coast Communty LED Local Development Programme Wilkie

Yorkshire Local Councils Association (up to 4)

Casey, Walker